PS4 Razer Raiju Tournament Edition Controller

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Razer Raiju Tournament Edition — The wireless PS4 controller engineered for Esports
Razer Raiju Tournament Edition — The wireless PS4 controller engineered for Esports The key to enjoying a gaming marathon is making sure your hands are constantly comfortable with a controller that’s built for extended performance. Enter the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition— a controller that features an ergonomically designed multi-function button layout and a body that fits nicely into your hands so you can enjoy long hours of gaming in absolute comfort. Before getting started, download the Razer Raiju Mobile App on iOS or Android to test the full functionality of the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition. Built to fit perfectly in your hands, the rubberized design of the grips stay comfortable even when your palms turn sweaty in intense battles. We’ve delicately measured and finetuned its weight for a solid but light feel to complement long hours of play. The M3 and M4 buttons are placed at the natural resting positions of your ring fingers for easy reach. FEATURE 1: THE RAZER™ MECHA-TACTILE ACTION BUTTONS Get a feel of buttons fully primed for gaming with the Razer™ Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons. The Razer Raiju Tournament Edition features RazerTM Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons that provide a unique combination of a soft cushioned touch with crisp, tactile feedback. After trying out the Razer™ Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons, you’ll realize that its tactile feel is unlike any other. FEATURE 2: RAZER RAIJU MOBILE APP Make advanced customizations easily with the Razer Raiju Mobile App. FEATURE 3: 4 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL BUTTONS The Razer Raiju Tournament Edition is built to equip you with the tools for victory. Take the reins with 4 remappable multi-function buttons for advanced controller techniques right at your fingertips. These multi-functional buttons can be remapped via the Razer Raiju Mobile App to suit your style of play. Check out the optimal buttons placement for easy access and also to prevent accidental presses in heated gameplays. FEATURE 4: SENSITIVITY CLUTCH ADJUSTMENT Enjoy peak headshot precision and better control especially in FPS games. Try to increase/decrease thumbstick sensitivity via the Razer Raiju Mobile App for optimized competitive advantage FEATURE 5: HAIR-TRIGGER MODE WITH TRIGGER STOPS Switch to Hair Trigger Mode and reduce travel distance in the two main triggers, enabling quick-firing action in a battle of speed and reaction. AT A GLANCE Works with PS4 and PC (Windows® 7 and above) Bluetooth/Wired connection Mobile app for easy configuration Ergonomic multi-function button layout 12 months warranty RAZER RAIJU TOURNAMENT EDITION TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 4 multi-function buttons Mecha-tactile triangle, circle, X, and square action buttons Trigger stops for quick-firing action 3.5 mm audio port for stereo audio output and microphone input (USB mode) Detachable 2 m / 6.56 ft lightweight braided fiber cable with micro-USB connector Approximate size: 104 mm / 4.1 in (Length) x 159.4 mm / 6.28 in (Width) x 65.6 mm / 2.6 in (Height) Approximate weight (without cable): 322 g / 0.71 lbs SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS PlayStation®4 / PC (Windows 7 or higher) A free USB port or Bluetooth connectivity
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